Good guy Randy being taken off the streets of Seattle

Seattle Police Officer - Elaine Thompson/AP

Seattle Police Officer – Elaine Thompson/AP

A Seattle man is being investigated for lack of professionalism.

As many people know the state of Washington approved the sale of medical and recreational-use marijuana to the general public in November 2012. The law, called the Washington Initiative 502, along with Colorado’s Amendment 64  encouraged a voter turnout of 81 percent, highest in the nation. Part of Washington’s law was to enforce a $27 dollar public use fine, which is now considered to be “silly’ by Seattle officer Randy Jokela.

Randy Jokela is one of many officers who do not like to enforce Washington’s marijuana law with regards to public smoking. According to the Associated Press and KOMO news (local source of news for Seattle area) , one officer has made up 80 percent of approximately 100 tickets written this year. That officer is Randy Jokela.

You would think that the cop writing 80 percent of the tickets in the city would be disliked by most of the general public, right? Wrong. According to Brandi Kruse, the drug users and the homeless community of Seattle are backing up what Randy Jokela is doing. While the officer may have written up 80 percent of the marijuana public use tickets, many of the people on the streets of Seattle are praising him for his good deeds.

Quotes from Brandi Kruse’s article include “When I see him, I don’t run from him. I run to him.” And “He’s actually fed me food when I’ve been hungry. He’s taken me off the streets when I’ve been very sick.” Along with, “to be honest, Joker is pretty fair… he’ll cut you some slack. He’ll give you a chance.”

When a cop that has had the most citations written within the year is spoken this highly of, he deserves to keep his job. Jokela, however, was promptly taken off the streets for not writing proper citations. Apparently, engaging with the community as a cop is not professional.

Steve Vasquez, 54 year-old from downtown Seattle, about officer Jokela: “To us, he’s more than just an officer,” he said. “He represents the best of humanity.”

Citation written by Jokela

Citation written by Jokela

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Podcast from 09/10/14

This is my first podcast, so bear with me as it may sound quite amateur-like. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

JW Walsh Injury: Updates on Oklahoma State QB's Foot and Return

Edit: Michael Schumacher is an F1 series race car driver who got injured in a skiing accident.

New Urban Outfitters item goes too far

With a new season coming around, a new season of fashion comes with it. As I was online shopping, looking for a new outfit to wear this fall I came across a sweatshirt on Urban Outfitters. To no surprise the new sweatshirt has caused some serious backlash amongst many people.

The new sweatshirt (pictured below) appears to be a blood-splotched Kent State University sweatshirt. This causes controversy for obvious reasons, as in May 1970 four students were gunned down by the National Guard during a Vietnam War protest. You can’t make this stuff up, and obviously the University had something to say about Urban Outfitter’s sweatshirt idea.

Urban Outfitters' bold new sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters’ bold new sweatshirt


From :

“We take great offense to a company using our pain for their publicity and profit” the university said in a statement Monday. “This item is beyond poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still hurts the Kent State community today.”

The sweatshirt went for sale on Urban Outfitters’ online store for $129 and was bought. The sweatshirt is now being attempted to be sold on ebay for more money.

No matter what you say about the sweatshirt being sold by Urban Outfitters, one can’t help but think how insensitive it is to try and market a tragedy still fresh on the minds of a lot of Kent State University alumni, alumnae and students.

While Kent State University was quick to respond, we are still waiting to hear the motives of Urban Outfitters as to why they wanted to sell this sweater. Let’s just hope the newest fashion trend is not donning blood splotched sweatshirts to remind those of terrible tragedies.

Much Anticipated iPhone 6 Announcement

On September 9, 2014, Apple unveiled the design for the greatly anticipated iPhone 6. Along with the announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple also unveiled the plans for the iPhone 6 Plus and the iWatch.

The Apple iPhone 6 will be 0.7 millimeters thinner than the iPhone 5s at a thickness of 6.9 millimeters. The screen will also be 0.7 inches larger in area than the 5s as the iPhone 6 will be 4.7 inches in rectangular area. The iPhone 6 plus is slightly thicker than the iPhone 6 at a thickness of 7.1 millimeters but boasts a rectangular area of 5.5 inches and an overall 401 pixels per inch, which is 75 more pixels per inch than both the iPhone 5s and 6. The main camera remains the same as it will have an 8 megapixel minimum allowing for an image resolution of 3264 x 2468. The iPhone 6 opens at $199 under new contract and the iPhone 6 Plus opens at $299 under new contract at 16 gigabytes.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 the iPhone 6 Plus has a bigger screen by 0.4 inches while the iPhone 6 screen will be 0.4 inches smaller than the Galaxy S5’s screen. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is thicker than both iPhone 6’s as it represents an 8.1 millimeter thickness. The Samsung Galaxy S5 also has more pixels per inch at 432 and a 16 megapixel camera that can support 4200 x 2800 image resolution.

Along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple also revealed the iWatch which is set to come out in three different designs: iWatch, iWatch Sport, and iWatch Edition all with various sub-designs to suit anyone’s specific desire. The iWatch will come in two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm) compared to Samsung Galaxy Gear’s 41mm. Both the Apple and Samsung watches have similar features, but the Apple watch does lack a camera and battery life is currently unknown. However, the Samsung Galaxy Gear opens at $299 whereas the Apple watch opens at $349.

In the end, choosing between Apple or Samsung is personal preference. Besides, there are more than just these two brands of phones so be sure to broaden your knowledge of what one to look for and pick the phone that best suits you.

Phone Comparisons

Phone Comparisons

Boomer Lake Running Trail

As an experienced runner and trail adventurer I have been on many neat trails. Boomer Lake’s running trail was lacking multiple aspects of what I look for in a trail.

While the distance of three miles was perfect for a middle of the day run, the route was missing the surrounding scenery that most trails offer. The path that circled around Boomer Lake was entirely concrete making it harder on a runner’s knees and feet. Although, the concrete path was bordered by several peninsulas that projected out towards the lake and provided pleasant resting spots for walkers, bikers and runners to stop and enjoy a view of sorts. Along with the enjoyable views and resting spots provided there were a couple of parks and a disc golf course, which I plan on playing soon.

Despite all of the positives that Boomer Lake presents the community it still lacks the traits of a superior running trail. A running trail should usually consist of picturesque surroundings, which could include spotting animals or seeing plantlife and nature specific to that area. While not all trails are enclosed by trees, it is always delightful to venture through forest-like or jungle-like areas for shade protection and maximum scenery. As well as having pleasing scenery while on trails, most trails are not concrete and have various altitude changes, which provides better stability for runners, more of a challenge for bikers and a neat and amusing trek for hikers.

Overall, if you are looking for a life-changing trail experience or are a veteran adventurer the Boomer Lake trail is not for you. However, if one would like a relaxing stroll and a decent view for the sunset then the Boomer Lake is perfect and easily accessible for that person.

Sun Glistening Boomer Lake

Sun Glistening Boomer Lake

'Secret' Spot at Boomer Lake

‘Secret’ Spot at Boomer Lake

The Jerry World Experience

IMG_5434 IMG_1033


Unfortunately, this past weekend I was unable to visit Sansom park in Fort Worth, which has a waterfall, that I planned on going to; however I did venture my way to AT&T aka ‘Jerry World’ for Oklahoma State’s first regular season game versus No.1 Florida State. While the result of the game wasn’t what the loyal and true Cowboy fans were hoping for, Jerry world did provide a glimpse at just how big college football is to us and just how exciting this season is going to be.

The atmosphere inside of the stadium was nothing short of incredible. My first observation of the game was the surprising amount of Florida State fans in attendance. The Florida State regime donned their garnet and gold across about 60 percent of the stadium while Oklahoma State’s bright orange made up the rest. It goes to show the attraction of the combination of college football and Jerry world have.

Along with the respectable turnout for both schools, Jerry world once again put on a show in what was the defending national champion’s and Heisman winner’s first game of the year. With the much anticipated arrival of the first ever College Football playoff, set to finish in the stadium that FSU and OSU started their seasons in, Florida State fans jumped on the opportunity to rep “D2D; Dallas to Dallas” shirts showcasing their belief that Famous Jameis and the Noles will be back in Jerry world in January 2015 for the National Championship game.

All in all, the college football experience in AT&T stadium was electrifying. If the first game was any indication of how this season could play out, then be prepared for nothing short of a breathtaking and exciting college football season.


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