Video Project Reminiscing

The video project completed this past week went better than expected. After setting our expectations for the video project rather high, James and I decided to do something simple that our cast of the video could do with ease.

Nick Freese, the only cast of the video, did a good job on camera and my job much easier at times. His lively character and projectile voice made filming much better. However, I wish we could have had at least one more actor to chime in to the video during the cooking process.

I felt like we completed our goal of quick cuts and lots of color to keep the audience engaged with the video throughout. The lighting in the kitchen and the room in the last scene was a tad dim making it difficult to account for hard-to-see parts of the video due to poor lighting.

The crunching of the Doritos surpassed the max volume level of -6 dB.

There were few instances in which the sound fell outside the -12 to -6 dB range we needed to meet. The only times I can recall the sound not meeting that range was during the crunching of the Doritos. Because the crunching of the Doritos exceeded -6 dB we had to edit the sound down to a lower volume.

Overall, I believe the audience was entertained and also learned a fairly delicious recipe. I am glad we were able to fit most of what we wanted into a four minute slot even though it was supposed to be two minutes.

I think I could have done a better job at handling the camera and editing the video as a whole, but it was a good learning experience and fun project for me. In the end, we wanted to entertain and show our audience a good and easy meal to cook, which is something I presume we did.


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