Interstellar tests the parameters of Spacetime

The newest blockbuster movie, Interstellar, takes you on journey like no other movie before.

In this science-fiction movie, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is Cooper – a former NASA pilot who is chosen to find a new home for the human race. Oscar award-winning actress Anne Hathaway joins Cooper on the journey as Brand – the charismatic daughter of the head of NASA (played by Michael Caine).

Interstellar Poster

Be Prepared for a journey like no other

The movie is more than space exploration. Cooper sets out on a journey that is beyond the comprehension of his young daughter, Murphy who is named after Murphy’s law. Cooper does not know how to tell his daughter that he will not be back for a long time – if not, ever. Murphy is a wondrous and curious character who grows before our eyes.

On Cooper and Brand’s journey they must travel through the depths of space to find a world habitable for the humans, as Earth is becoming a dusty wasteland. Their journey challenges spacetime physics as they must travel through a wormhole that takes them across the Universe. They encounter a black hole that has a strong enough gravitational to slow down time for Cooper, Brand and their crew. Hours at their location are years for those back on Earth (Einstein’s theory of relativity).

The movie reaches into different dimensions of the universe, testing scientists theories of physics and the universe as we know it. Christopher Nolan put together a visual masterpiece and touching story to test the boundaries of how we think about time and our life here on Earth. i recommend going to see this movie, but I also recommend touching up on your physics and astronomy knowledge specifically black holes.

If you can grasp the theory of relativity, the space time continuum and black holes this movie will leave you with your jaw-dropped and mid-blown. If not, you simply sit back and enjoy the ride.


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