Cubs’ future is bright

A team that hasn’t won a World Series championship in 106 years going on 107 is having an offseason that may soon begin to turn their fortunes around.

The Cubs, Chicago’s beloved North side squad, is looking to put together a team that might speed-up the flow of progression in the Windy City.

This past weekend the Cubs added proven major league manager Joe Maddon to be the head of the Cubs’ dugout. Maddon replaced former Cubs manager, Rick Renteria, after Renteria spent just one season as the Cubs’ skipper.


Joe Maddon was introduced as the Chicago Cubs new manager on Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.

Joe Maddon brings a wealth of experience in leading young baseball teams to the playoffs. The average age of the 2006 Tampa Bay Devil Rays that Maddon took over was a ripe age of 27.3 years-old and became younger the next (26.1 years-old). After just two seasons managing the Rays, Maddon took the franchise to its first playoff appearance and only AL pennant in 2008.

The Cubs average age in 2014 was 26.8 years-old and with the influx of young talent coming up from the minors in 2015 the Cubs could be getting even younger. With the addition of Joe Maddon the Cubs horizon for success has gotten closer.

The Cubs may not be championship-ready right away but the payroll flexibility Theo Epstein has to work with will give him the ability to add veterans to the roster. The Tampa Bay front office had little payroll flexibility while Maddon was at the helm.

The Cubs have young talent in the infield but lack one more talented outfield, starting pitching and a catcher that can hit and get on-base consistently to round out their rosters.

This morning, Buster Olney reported that the Cubs will be looking to add Russell Martin, Max Scherzer and Jon Lester to the roster this offseason. If the Cubs are able to add those players it will give Chicago, which has All-Stars Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, exactly what they are looking for.

Along with the major-leaguers they already have minor-leaguers such as Kris Bryant who won Minor-leaguer of the Year in 2014. Bryant, a 22-year-old third baseman, homered 44 times in 138 games with the Tennessee Smokies and Iowa Cubs. Bryant will bring up promising power hitting abilities.

Overall, the young and upstart Cubs should look to contend in the near future, something of which the front office and certainly the fans believe will happen.



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