A Walk with Nature [in context]

It was a mild, gloomy day. Light grey clouds covered the sky. The air was misty and cool. My friends and I spent a great weekend together and journeyed to Arkansas’ Devil’s Den to close out the weekend.

About once a month I treat myself to a hike amongst our planet’s most neat and scenic locations. (At least the one’s within reach of where I am)

Two weekends ago I ventured to Arkansas, the Natural State. I visited Fayetteville, Arkansas, which is home to Devil’s Den – a natural park with multiple campsites, places to hike and spots to fish.

Changing of the leaves

Upon arrival of Fayetteville, Arkansas, I was greeted to a red sky being illuminated by the Arkansas football stadium’s scoreboard. The air was cool and wet, the leaves were beginning to change colors and the sky provided a light gray backdrop for the peaks of surrounding mountaintops. My first thought being that Autumn has arrived in Arkansas. The arrival fall weather brought out a subtle feeling of satisfaction in everyone there.

The weather was perfect for pants, sweaters and a hike in the Natural State’s mountains. As my friends and I approached Devil’s Den we slowly became consumed in the neighboring trees that were beginning to shed their greenness for a more brown, yellow and orange-like leaf color. The change in leaf color and soothing climate was one of impeccable nature. Along with the scenic nature, Devil’s Den had a stunning waterfall in the middle of the park that split the campsites from the hiking trails.

Devil's Den waterfall

Devil’s Den had numerous elevations to explore and hike along. The depths of the scenery made it easy to capture pictures of the moment while hiking through the trails.

The mountainous, forestry setting is one of my favorite natural settings to explore along.

I recommend taking the time to hike trails near you.




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