My Trip to Arkansas

Fayettechill. It should be no surprise that this is the nickname given to Fayetteville, Arkansas.


This weekend I made the three and a half hour journey to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to visit some of my close friends. The long drive was well worth seeing my friends. What made the short vacation away from Stillwater even better was the breathtaking scenery that Arkansas had.

Arkansas’ incredible scenery was attributable to the naturalness of the state itself. Few parts of the state were covered by large buildings, instead covered by monumental hills, beautiful trees and calming weather and air. Arkansas’ deemed nickname ‘The Natural State’ earned its nickname, in my opinion.

My friends and I decided to take on the Arkansas nature and hike up to Devil’s den. Devil’s den is a natural park with cabins, campsites and plenty of spots to take great photos. Devil’s den main attraction is the waterfall in the center of the park where campers and adventurers can get a mesmerizing view of Arkansas’ beauty. The waterfall is surrounded by multiple trees of all shapes, sizes and colors. The trees canvas the hills that encircle the waterfall.

We decided to climb the hills and grab a better view of everything and the results were tremendous. We were able to see through multiple depths of trees and hills down to where the waterfall was. The amazing scenery topped off an incredible weekend with friends.

Overall, Arkansas has a welcomingness to it and an awesome naturalness. The Natural State had everything Stillwater does not have and stole my heart this past weekend.


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