Hippie rap?

I believe there is a new genre upon us.

I’m going to call it hippie rap, for now.

During the 1960’s artists such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin – among many others – transcended American culture through music. Artists during the 60’s used their music to communicate how they felt about certain issues to the public. These artists would play at rock festivals throughout the country, take for example Woodstock.

Woodstock poster


Part of the culture was the underlying use of psychedelic drugs. Festival-goers would partake in the use of cannabis, amphetamines and LSD. So-called hippies would take the “trip” to the festival while on these drugs to experience the music in a different light. Because it was frowned upon, the hippie culture slowly died out by the 80’s and made way for popular culture to arise.

Recently however, thanks to the vast world of the internet many artists are now reaching back out to the hippie culture. Direct and subliminal messages about cannabis, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms have caught the attention of many modern-day “hipsters” or hippies.

Now you may be wondering what the world has come to? Artists singing about drugs. It sounds like nonsense, I know. Although, behind the words songs are being written about love, making a living and accomplishing goals through hard work. Rappers (mentioned below) use their music as a means of uplifting the youth as they try to figure out their life. Specifically, Kid Cudi is a good listen for psychological stress and getting through tough times.

Rappers such as Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino and many others have made direct (or sometimes indirect) references to psychedelic drugs in their music. Just like the 60’s artists, a lot of these rappers are coming together at various festivals and performing in front of 10’s of thousands of fans who make travel vast distances to see them play, similar to Woodstock.

Dare I say there is a 2010’s hippie movement upon us?

See for yourself (explicits used):

Chance The Rapper – That’s Love

Chance The Rapper ft. Childish Gambino – Favorite Song

Chance The Rapper Kid Cudi album cover


2013 Austin City Limits

2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup Announced

I am in no way condoning the use of drugs!! Just condoning the listening of good music.

Thanks for reading.



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