Good guy Randy being taken off the streets of Seattle

Seattle Police Officer - Elaine Thompson/AP

Seattle Police Officer – Elaine Thompson/AP

A Seattle man is being investigated for lack of professionalism.

As many people know the state of Washington approved the sale of medical and recreational-use marijuana to the general public in November 2012. The law, called the Washington Initiative 502, along with Colorado’s Amendment 64  encouraged a voter turnout of 81 percent, highest in the nation. Part of Washington’s law was to enforce a $27 dollar public use fine, which is now considered to be “silly’ by Seattle officer Randy Jokela.

Randy Jokela is one of many officers who do not like to enforce Washington’s marijuana law with regards to public smoking. According to the Associated Press and KOMO news (local source of news for Seattle area) , one officer has made up 80 percent of approximately 100 tickets written this year. That officer is Randy Jokela.

You would think that the cop writing 80 percent of the tickets in the city would be disliked by most of the general public, right? Wrong. According to Brandi Kruse, the drug users and the homeless community of Seattle are backing up what Randy Jokela is doing. While the officer may have written up 80 percent of the marijuana public use tickets, many of the people on the streets of Seattle are praising him for his good deeds.

Quotes from Brandi Kruse’s article include “When I see him, I don’t run from him. I run to him.” And “He’s actually fed me food when I’ve been hungry. He’s taken me off the streets when I’ve been very sick.” Along with, “to be honest, Joker is pretty fair… he’ll cut you some slack. He’ll give you a chance.”

When a cop that has had the most citations written within the year is spoken this highly of, he deserves to keep his job. Jokela, however, was promptly taken off the streets for not writing proper citations. Apparently, engaging with the community as a cop is not professional.

Steve Vasquez, 54 year-old from downtown Seattle, about officer Jokela: “To us, he’s more than just an officer,” he said. “He represents the best of humanity.”

Citation written by Jokela

Citation written by Jokela

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