Much Anticipated iPhone 6 Announcement

On September 9, 2014, Apple unveiled the design for the greatly anticipated iPhone 6. Along with the announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple also unveiled the plans for the iPhone 6 Plus and the iWatch.

The Apple iPhone 6 will be 0.7 millimeters thinner than the iPhone 5s at a thickness of 6.9 millimeters. The screen will also be 0.7 inches larger in area than the 5s as the iPhone 6 will be 4.7 inches in rectangular area. The iPhone 6 plus is slightly thicker than the iPhone 6 at a thickness of 7.1 millimeters but boasts a rectangular area of 5.5 inches and an overall 401 pixels per inch, which is 75 more pixels per inch than both the iPhone 5s and 6. The main camera remains the same as it will have an 8 megapixel minimum allowing for an image resolution of 3264 x 2468. The iPhone 6 opens at $199 under new contract and the iPhone 6 Plus opens at $299 under new contract at 16 gigabytes.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 the iPhone 6 Plus has a bigger screen by 0.4 inches while the iPhone 6 screen will be 0.4 inches smaller than the Galaxy S5’s screen. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is thicker than both iPhone 6’s as it represents an 8.1 millimeter thickness. The Samsung Galaxy S5 also has more pixels per inch at 432 and a 16 megapixel camera that can support 4200 x 2800 image resolution.

Along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple also revealed the iWatch which is set to come out in three different designs: iWatch, iWatch Sport, and iWatch Edition all with various sub-designs to suit anyone’s specific desire. The iWatch will come in two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm) compared to Samsung Galaxy Gear’s 41mm. Both the Apple and Samsung watches have similar features, but the Apple watch does lack a camera and battery life is currently unknown. However, the Samsung Galaxy Gear opens at $299 whereas the Apple watch opens at $349.

In the end, choosing between Apple or Samsung is personal preference. Besides, there are more than just these two brands of phones so be sure to broaden your knowledge of what one to look for and pick the phone that best suits you.

Phone Comparisons

Phone Comparisons


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