Boomer Lake Running Trail

As an experienced runner and trail adventurer I have been on many neat trails. Boomer Lake’s running trail was lacking multiple aspects of what I look for in a trail.

While the distance of three miles was perfect for a middle of the day run, the route was missing the surrounding scenery that most trails offer. The path that circled around Boomer Lake was entirely concrete making it harder on a runner’s knees and feet. Although, the concrete path was bordered by several peninsulas that projected out towards the lake and provided pleasant resting spots for walkers, bikers and runners to stop and enjoy a view of sorts. Along with the enjoyable views and resting spots provided there were a couple of parks and a disc golf course, which I plan on playing soon.

Despite all of the positives that Boomer Lake presents the community it still lacks the traits of a superior running trail. A running trail should usually consist of picturesque surroundings, which could include spotting animals or seeing plantlife and nature specific to that area. While not all trails are enclosed by trees, it is always delightful to venture through forest-like or jungle-like areas for shade protection and maximum scenery. As well as having pleasing scenery while on trails, most trails are not concrete and have various altitude changes, which provides better stability for runners, more of a challenge for bikers and a neat and amusing trek for hikers.

Overall, if you are looking for a life-changing trail experience or are a veteran adventurer the Boomer Lake trail is not for you. However, if one would like a relaxing stroll and a decent view for the sunset then the Boomer Lake is perfect and easily accessible for that person.

Sun Glistening Boomer Lake

Sun Glistening Boomer Lake

'Secret' Spot at Boomer Lake

‘Secret’ Spot at Boomer Lake


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