The Jerry World Experience

IMG_5434 IMG_1033


Unfortunately, this past weekend I was unable to visit Sansom park in Fort Worth, which has a waterfall, that I planned on going to; however I did venture my way to AT&T aka ‘Jerry World’ for Oklahoma State’s first regular season game versus No.1 Florida State. While the result of the game wasn’t what the loyal and true Cowboy fans were hoping for, Jerry world did provide a glimpse at just how big college football is to us and just how exciting this season is going to be.

The atmosphere inside of the stadium was nothing short of incredible. My first observation of the game was the surprising amount of Florida State fans in attendance. The Florida State regime donned their garnet and gold across about 60 percent of the stadium while Oklahoma State’s bright orange made up the rest. It goes to show the attraction of the combination of college football and Jerry world have.

Along with the respectable turnout for both schools, Jerry world once again put on a show in what was the defending national champion’s and Heisman winner’s first game of the year. With the much anticipated arrival of the first ever College Football playoff, set to finish in the stadium that FSU and OSU started their seasons in, Florida State fans jumped on the opportunity to rep “D2D; Dallas to Dallas” shirts showcasing their belief that Famous Jameis and the Noles will be back in Jerry world in January 2015 for the National Championship game.

All in all, the college football experience in AT&T stadium was electrifying. If the first game was any indication of how this season could play out, then be prepared for nothing short of a breathtaking and exciting college football season.


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