Where’s the rowdy?

College basketball is back. Oklahoma State has already completed three games this season and its new bunch of players look primed to make a run at the NCAA tournament. With LeBryan Nash and Phil Forte leading the charge, OSU should find itself in the thick of things in March, according to Joe Lunardi.

While Oklahoma State has traditionally been a pretty good basketball program, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the attendance at the games in Gallagher-Iba. This isn’t a new problem that has arisen this season; I saw last year as well. Unless OSU was playing a marquee game the stadium would not get anywhere near the 13,611 capacity level that GIA can fit.

Fans at a 2013 OSU game.

When I went to the game last night, I was disappointed in the turnout of fans. Sure, we played an NCAA Division II team, but that is no excuse. I hear fans always complain that our basketball program isn’t what it should be and that we should “Fire Ford” or make some drastic change to the culture to make us better. But where does it really start?

When I was driving home from class on Monday evening I was listening to Hot 93.7. Usually, I would be listening to a Maroon 5 or Katy Perry single but at the time it was the sports talk hour (I am assuming). They were talking about the home crowd at basketball games and how our crowd has been somewhat lackluster over the past couple of years. They mentioned how players feed off the energy of the crowd and they play better because of it.

The whole time I was listening, I was nodding in agreement.

I recall two games from last year in which the crowd played a huge role in how the game was played. OSU’s games versus Iowa State and versus Kansas. In the game versus Iowa State, I remember the bleachers shaking and breaking from the fans jumping up and down. The Cowboys lost, but I felt as if the fans rallied the team to fight all the way through three overtimes. The game versus Kansas fans played a big role in distracting Self, Wiggins and Embiid as Smart and the Cowboys won the game essentially assuring them a spot in the tournament last year.

I believe in the team this year. I liked what I saw from our veteran players and the newer players. We have a lot more size this year and a wealth of experience. If we want OSU to be a primetime, nationally recognized basketball program its time to make a change on our own. What I saw on Tuesday night was sad, quite honestly. However, I envisioned a packed GIA rowdy as any stadium in the country. The change starts with the fans that support the student-athletes that working vigorously hard to bring OSU back to prominence.

You may be thinking that games won’t be as fun if they are not versus a good opponent, but why does it matter? The game is about the experience. The only way to make the experience worthwhile is to pack the stadium with rowdy Cowboys fans all with one common goal: be loud. The games are much better when the crowd works together in unity i.e. Duke, Kansas, Kentucky.

Don’t wait on the marquee matchup or the next big game. Look up the schedule and try to make it to every game. There are 47,186 residents in Stillwater; more than 50,000 fans can fill up Boone Pickens every Saturday; and there are more than 25,000 students at OSU who all can find time to root on the Cowboys. Why not pack GIA every night?


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Video Project Reminiscing

The video project completed this past week went better than expected. After setting our expectations for the video project rather high, James and I decided to do something simple that our cast of the video could do with ease.

Nick Freese, the only cast of the video, did a good job on camera and my job much easier at times. His lively character and projectile voice made filming much better. However, I wish we could have had at least one more actor to chime in to the video during the cooking process.

I felt like we completed our goal of quick cuts and lots of color to keep the audience engaged with the video throughout. The lighting in the kitchen and the room in the last scene was a tad dim making it difficult to account for hard-to-see parts of the video due to poor lighting.


The crunching of the Doritos surpassed the max volume level of -6 dB.

There were few instances in which the sound fell outside the -12 to -6 dB range we needed to meet. The only times I can recall the sound not meeting that range was during the crunching of the Doritos. Because the crunching of the Doritos exceeded -6 dB we had to edit the sound down to a lower volume.

Overall, I believe the audience was entertained and also learned a fairly delicious recipe. I am glad we were able to fit most of what we wanted into a four minute slot even though it was supposed to be two minutes.

I think I could have done a better job at handling the camera and editing the video as a whole, but it was a good learning experience and fun project for me. In the end, we wanted to entertain and show our audience a good and easy meal to cook, which is something I presume we did.

Interstellar tests the parameters of Spacetime

The newest blockbuster movie, Interstellar, takes you on journey like no other movie before.

In this science-fiction movie, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is Cooper – a former NASA pilot who is chosen to find a new home for the human race. Oscar award-winning actress Anne Hathaway joins Cooper on the journey as Brand – the charismatic daughter of the head of NASA (played by Michael Caine).

Interstellar Poster

Be Prepared for a journey like no other

The movie is more than space exploration. Cooper sets out on a journey that is beyond the comprehension of his young daughter, Murphy who is named after Murphy’s law. Cooper does not know how to tell his daughter that he will not be back for a long time – if not, ever. Murphy is a wondrous and curious character who grows before our eyes.

On Cooper and Brand’s journey they must travel through the depths of space to find a world habitable for the humans, as Earth is becoming a dusty wasteland. Their journey challenges spacetime physics as they must travel through a wormhole that takes them across the Universe. They encounter a black hole that has a strong enough gravitational to slow down time for Cooper, Brand and their crew. Hours at their location are years for those back on Earth (Einstein’s theory of relativity).

The movie reaches into different dimensions of the universe, testing scientists theories of physics and the universe as we know it. Christopher Nolan put together a visual masterpiece and touching story to test the boundaries of how we think about time and our life here on Earth. i recommend going to see this movie, but I also recommend touching up on your physics and astronomy knowledge specifically black holes.

If you can grasp the theory of relativity, the space time continuum and black holes this movie will leave you with your jaw-dropped and mid-blown. If not, you simply sit back and enjoy the ride.


Cubs’ future is bright

A team that hasn’t won a World Series championship in 106 years going on 107 is having an offseason that may soon begin to turn their fortunes around.

The Cubs, Chicago’s beloved North side squad, is looking to put together a team that might speed-up the flow of progression in the Windy City.

This past weekend the Cubs added proven major league manager Joe Maddon to be the head of the Cubs’ dugout. Maddon replaced former Cubs manager, Rick Renteria, after Renteria spent just one season as the Cubs’ skipper.

TANNEN MAURY/EPA - http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/joe-maddon-offers-reporters-shot-beer-introductory-press-conference-cubs-article-1.1997792

Joe Maddon was introduced as the Chicago Cubs new manager on Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.

Joe Maddon brings a wealth of experience in leading young baseball teams to the playoffs. The average age of the 2006 Tampa Bay Devil Rays that Maddon took over was a ripe age of 27.3 years-old and became younger the next (26.1 years-old). After just two seasons managing the Rays, Maddon took the franchise to its first playoff appearance and only AL pennant in 2008.

The Cubs average age in 2014 was 26.8 years-old and with the influx of young talent coming up from the minors in 2015 the Cubs could be getting even younger. With the addition of Joe Maddon the Cubs horizon for success has gotten closer.

The Cubs may not be championship-ready right away but the payroll flexibility Theo Epstein has to work with will give him the ability to add veterans to the roster. The Tampa Bay front office had little payroll flexibility while Maddon was at the helm.

The Cubs have young talent in the infield but lack one more talented outfield, starting pitching and a catcher that can hit and get on-base consistently to round out their rosters.

This morning, Buster Olney reported that the Cubs will be looking to add Russell Martin, Max Scherzer and Jon Lester to the roster this offseason. If the Cubs are able to add those players it will give Chicago, which has All-Stars Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, exactly what they are looking for.

Along with the major-leaguers they already have minor-leaguers such as Kris Bryant who won Minor-leaguer of the Year in 2014. Bryant, a 22-year-old third baseman, homered 44 times in 138 games with the Tennessee Smokies and Iowa Cubs. Bryant will bring up promising power hitting abilities.

Overall, the young and upstart Cubs should look to contend in the near future, something of which the front office and certainly the fans believe will happen.



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A Walk with Nature [in context]

It was a mild, gloomy day. Light grey clouds covered the sky. The air was misty and cool. My friends and I spent a great weekend together and journeyed to Arkansas’ Devil’s Den to close out the weekend.

About once a month I treat myself to a hike amongst our planet’s most neat and scenic locations. (At least the one’s within reach of where I am)

Two weekends ago I ventured to Arkansas, the Natural State. I visited Fayetteville, Arkansas, which is home to Devil’s Den – a natural park with multiple campsites, places to hike and spots to fish.

Changing of the leaves

Upon arrival of Fayetteville, Arkansas, I was greeted to a red sky being illuminated by the Arkansas football stadium’s scoreboard. The air was cool and wet, the leaves were beginning to change colors and the sky provided a light gray backdrop for the peaks of surrounding mountaintops. My first thought being that Autumn has arrived in Arkansas. The arrival fall weather brought out a subtle feeling of satisfaction in everyone there.

The weather was perfect for pants, sweaters and a hike in the Natural State’s mountains. As my friends and I approached Devil’s Den we slowly became consumed in the neighboring trees that were beginning to shed their greenness for a more brown, yellow and orange-like leaf color. The change in leaf color and soothing climate was one of impeccable nature. Along with the scenic nature, Devil’s Den had a stunning waterfall in the middle of the park that split the campsites from the hiking trails.

Devil's Den waterfall

Devil’s Den had numerous elevations to explore and hike along. The depths of the scenery made it easy to capture pictures of the moment while hiking through the trails.

The mountainous, forestry setting is one of my favorite natural settings to explore along.

I recommend taking the time to hike trails near you.



My Trip to Arkansas

Fayettechill. It should be no surprise that this is the nickname given to Fayetteville, Arkansas.


This weekend I made the three and a half hour journey to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to visit some of my close friends. The long drive was well worth seeing my friends. What made the short vacation away from Stillwater even better was the breathtaking scenery that Arkansas had.

Arkansas’ incredible scenery was attributable to the naturalness of the state itself. Few parts of the state were covered by large buildings, instead covered by monumental hills, beautiful trees and calming weather and air. Arkansas’ deemed nickname ‘The Natural State’ earned its nickname, in my opinion.

My friends and I decided to take on the Arkansas nature and hike up to Devil’s den. Devil’s den is a natural park with cabins, campsites and plenty of spots to take great photos. Devil’s den main attraction is the waterfall in the center of the park where campers and adventurers can get a mesmerizing view of Arkansas’ beauty. The waterfall is surrounded by multiple trees of all shapes, sizes and colors. The trees canvas the hills that encircle the waterfall.

We decided to climb the hills and grab a better view of everything and the results were tremendous. We were able to see through multiple depths of trees and hills down to where the waterfall was. The amazing scenery topped off an incredible weekend with friends.

Overall, Arkansas has a welcomingness to it and an awesome naturalness. The Natural State had everything Stillwater does not have and stole my heart this past weekend.


Hippie rap?

I believe there is a new genre upon us.

I’m going to call it hippie rap, for now.

During the 1960’s artists such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin – among many others – transcended American culture through music. Artists during the 60’s used their music to communicate how they felt about certain issues to the public. These artists would play at rock festivals throughout the country, take for example Woodstock.

Woodstock poster


Part of the culture was the underlying use of psychedelic drugs. Festival-goers would partake in the use of cannabis, amphetamines and LSD. So-called hippies would take the “trip” to the festival while on these drugs to experience the music in a different light. Because it was frowned upon, the hippie culture slowly died out by the 80’s and made way for popular culture to arise.

Recently however, thanks to the vast world of the internet many artists are now reaching back out to the hippie culture. Direct and subliminal messages about cannabis, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms have caught the attention of many modern-day “hipsters” or hippies.

Now you may be wondering what the world has come to? Artists singing about drugs. It sounds like nonsense, I know. Although, behind the words songs are being written about love, making a living and accomplishing goals through hard work. Rappers (mentioned below) use their music as a means of uplifting the youth as they try to figure out their life. Specifically, Kid Cudi is a good listen for psychological stress and getting through tough times.

Rappers such as Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino and many others have made direct (or sometimes indirect) references to psychedelic drugs in their music. Just like the 60’s artists, a lot of these rappers are coming together at various festivals and performing in front of 10’s of thousands of fans who make travel vast distances to see them play, similar to Woodstock.

Dare I say there is a 2010’s hippie movement upon us?

See for yourself (explicits used):

Chance The Rapper – That’s Love

Chance The Rapper ft. Childish Gambino – Favorite Song

Chance The Rapper Kid Cudi album cover


2013 Austin City Limits

2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup Announced

I am in no way condoning the use of drugs!! Just condoning the listening of good music.

Thanks for reading.


MLB awards and playoff predictions

The 2014 MLB season is over. And now we move to one of the best things there is in sport: October baseball.

This season saw a league dominated by great pitching, young star players and the hopes of playoff droughts waiting to be broken this postseason.

Here are my awards for the 2014 MLB season:


In a season dominated by great pitchers, three pitchers stood out to me. Among the three, I believe Clayton Kershaw had one of the best seasons in a long time. Kershaw was 21-3 with a 1.77 ERA and 239 strikeouts. Kershaw’s 21 wins in 27 starts was the best since Fred Goldsmith did the same thing for the 1880 Chicago White Stockings. His 1.77 ERA and 21 wins both led the NL; this was his fourth straight season leading the NL in ERA. Kershaw also helped lead the Los Angeles Dodgers to the NL West crown and a record of 94-68. (ESPN Stats and Info)

Second Time’s the Charm: Kershaw Campaign


One of the MLB’s best young stars is Mike Trout. Mike Trout missed out on the AL MVP the best two seasons, but this year he helped lead the Los Angeles Angels to the best record in baseball at 98-64 and to win the AL west crown. Trout led the AL in runs scored (115), RBIs (111) and also finished the year with 36 home runs and a .561 slugging percentage. Despite struggling to make contact with the ball at times (.287 AVG and 184 strikeouts), Trout was the best player on the best team in baseball all year long.

Mike Trout



There is no clear cut favorite in the AL for the Cy Young, but I believe Felix Hernandez should win the Cy Young this year. Hernandez finished first in ERA with an average of 2.14 runs earned. Hernandez also went 15-6 (tied for 8th in wins) and was fourth in strikeouts this season with 248 Ks. Felix Hernandez also helped lead the Seattle Mariners to an 87-75 records, their best season since they went 88-74 in 2007.

Felix Hernandez Best Pitcher in Baseball


MLB Playoff Predictions

With the Kansas City Royals ending their 29 year playoff drought, the Pittsburgh Pirates making the playoffs for the second straight year after missing the playoffs for 20 years and numerous other teams looking to end World Series droughts (Baltimore – 31 years, Dodgers – 26 years, Oakland – 24 years, and Washington – Never) here are my playoff predictions:

NL Wild Card-

San Francisco 4, @Pittsburgh 2

AL Wild Card-

@Kansas City 6, Oakland 3



1) Washington over 5) San Francisco 3 games to 2

2) Los Angeles Dodgers over 3) St. Louis 3 games to 1


1) Los Angeles Angels over 4) Kansas City 3 games to 1

2) Baltimore over 3) Detroit 3 games to 2



2) Los Angeles Dodgers over 1) Washington 4 games to 1

MVP: Kershaw


2) Baltimore over 1) Los Angeles Angels 4 games to 2

MVP: Adam Jones

World Series-

Los Angeles Dodgers over Baltimore Orioles 4 games to 1

MVP: Kershaw


I am sticking with my preseason pick.

Party like it’s 1988!!!

Video, Twitter Reaction for Dodgers Celebrating Trip to NLCS

(ESPN stats and info)


No bias involved, for I am a Cubs fan hoping that 2015 is their year.

Thanks for reading!!